I’m New!

What Can I Expect?

Visiting a new church for the first time can be a little intimidating… we know.  At Flewellyn Baptist Church, we’ll make sure you feel right at home. At FBC, you’ll find ordinary people who love Jesus and who practice a real faith in a real God! You’ll find a family of believers who live day by day with a hope that can only be found through God’s grace and mercy. At FBC, you’ll find friends who’ll be glad to see you and who will be thankful for your prescence. Come join us this Sunday!

How do I dress?

One thing for certain, no one here is concerned about how you look when you come to church. We are just concerned that you come. You’ll find some people dressed in their ‘Sunday best” and others dressed ready for the Titan’s game. We realize that God is not as concerned with our outward appearance as He is with our heart. So, come on over to see us this Sunday and we’ll worship an incredible God together…just as we are!

What about the Worship service?

Our blended service  starts at 11:00 a.m.in our Family Life Center. The atmosphere is warm, friendly, joyful and upbeat. We generally start with a song and a welcome from Bro. Joey who always asks, “Do you love God? Do you love each other?”. And yes, that’s what we’re all about here, loving God and loving each other! Then we’ll spend some time worshipping thru a blend of contemporary modern worship songs and traditional hymns. We have a full  team of musicians and vocalists who lead us in worship. Then Bro. Joey will teach us a relevant lesson from the ultimate source of truth, God’s word. After an invitation to anyone who needs prayer, encouragement, or an introduction to our savior, Jesus Christ, we’ll sing a song and be dismissed. On certain Sundays, we’ll partake in the Lord’s Supper as well.

What about Sunday School?

At  9:45 a.m., FBC offers classes for every age group, providing vaulable, relevant lessons from God’s truth to help us grow in our walk with Him. Relationships are built and nourished during Sunday School. This is where you can really get plugged into our family at Flewellyn Baptist Church. When you come onto our campus, just ask anyone where your class is, and we’ll get you to the right place! See you Sunday.

God is doing some exciting things at Flewellyn.Come be a part of it!