THIS SUNDAY at 11:00 am
7054 Flewellyn Rd. Springfield, TN 37172
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people are always asking:
what's a flewellyn?

//flewellyn is an old welsh word that means "like a lion"
//our community is named for a revolutionary war patriot

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we are flewellyn
we celebrate God's grace.

// every saint has a past, every sinner has a future

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we are flewellyn
we share eternal hope.

// are our core, we are hope-dealers

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we are flewellyn
we love one another.

// not your average church,
we are an family of faith

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We Celebrate God’s Grace.
every saint has a past,
every sinner has a future


We Share Eternal Hope.
at our core,
we are hope-dealers


We Love One Another.
not your average church,
we’re an eternal family

Something for Everyone

The gospel has the amazing power to bring people together… people who would not normally socialize.
Flewellyn is home to so many different kinds of people: retirees, business owners,
stay-at-home moms (and dads!), factory workers, musicians, students, and so many more.
Whatever stage of life you’re in, whatever you do, there’s a place for you here…


Your child will enjoy learning about Jesus in an age-appropriate class (PreK & Elementary) on Sundays at 10 & 11 am and on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm
*Nursery provided for each service


Middle- and high-school students have a place of their own to hang out and grow in their faith… especially on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm – and every Sunday at 10:00.
*Check Instagram & Facebook for upcoming activities!!


It ain’t easy trying to raise your kids & stay married in this day. (It may not be good English, but it is certainly true!) You’ll be encouraged by getting connected with a Bible-study Class (9:45 am, Sundays) or a Group (Wednesdays at 6:30 pm).


Perhaps you don’t fit in a mold… that’s okay! Honestly, a lot of us here could’ve been on Rudolph’s Island of Misfit Toys because life has chewed us up & spit us out. We’re not lying when we say, You Belong Here!  (See ya’ Sunday at 11:00 am)

We Are Family

At Flewellyn, we believe that church is way more than gathering together once a week for music and a message. Click HERE to view our DNA [what makes us tick].
We are a family – an eternal family – a community of hope – a fellowship of faith.

Leadership Team

Our church is led by some awesome folks – here are just a few…

Patrick Nix & Joy

Lead Pastor

Nick Bryant & Crystal

Worship Leader

Shane Toole & Jena

Youth Director

Aubry Suter & BJ

Ministry Director

Crystal Johnson
& Brandon

Children’s Ministry
Assistant Director

John Hallmark
& Nancy

Deacon Chairman

The Real MVPs

All our amazing servant-leaders!

Struggling to make it through another day?


How Can I Pray For You??

Life can leave you feeling beat up and ready to quit. You can begin to feel like you’ll never get back, measure up, or make it. If you’re barely hanging on by a thread, if you’ve emotionally thrown in the towel, if you can’t muster the strength for one more Monday, then we invite you to experience the encouragement in this series…

Featured Study: “Don’t Give Up”

At Flewellyn, it’s all about Jesus… and it shows!

Don’t take the webmaster’s word for it – hear what a few of our members say:



A wonderful place to worship and belong. God is there. You will be blessed and cared for when a need arrives.



Flewellyn is a wonderful church with a heart for reaching out to the community and a church with very caring people! I especially love the music!



Love this church, its people, pastor and staff. We are blessed to experience God’s presence each Sunday.



The People! 👍👍😀😇