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3b- Your Bounce Back

You’re on your way! In the first part of this journey, we have focused on the ABC’s of true therapeutic healing. Now is the time for me to stop you and to ask if you’re ready to move forward?

Two HUGE secrets to a bounce back are direction and momentum. Let me explain: When you’re stuck, you’re focused on your location. You see where you want to be and you get discouraged or disillusioned. Without even realizing it, you could fail to see the importance of the slight changes in your direction, missing how important just one degree of change will accomplish. So far, you’ve made three tiny course corrections and you’ve got some momentum. You’re getting unstuck and you might not even realize it yet!

The next few chapters are all about keeping up that momentum and tweaking your direction even further.  Is there something holding still you back? A warning: the next two or three chapters are especially hard to hear if you’ve not identified a few of your stuck points, but the advice will change your life if you will act on them. Are you ready to bounce back or is there something you’re still hanging on to?

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