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Beauty for Ashes

The truth is that addiction in our state and surrounding communities continues to rise. Jails are becoming more populated with drug and alcohol offenders. The Department of Social Services is seeing more children come into custody and the death toll from overdose increases daily. The epidemic is at monumental levels. Providing a place of rescue and restoration is an undeniable need. Beauty for Ashes ~A Healing Place is passionate about providing an opportunity for God to restore and revive the lives of the many women suffering from the effects of drug and alcohol addiction.

The following story depicts the life of one of our graduates and a lifelong resident of Robertson County:

“Molested. Beaten. Abused.
Broken. Addicted. Shamed.

At the age of three years old her nightmare began. Strangely, it was not until she was eleven years old that someone told her of her nightmare. Even then, she couldn’t distinguish lies from the truth. Year after year, time after time she was violated. That violation was something she received instead of the love she should have been given.

Living a life of abuse rooted the lie that she believed that something was wrong with her, for years to come she would accept the abuse that was done to her thinking it was her own fault. From years of being molested to being beat up, beat on and beat down, the enemy had her right where he wanted her, nearly dead!

That first pill changed everything!

It gave her a sense of peace and security that she had never known. It allowed her to erase the haunting memory of her past and allowed her to become someone she had always dreamed of being. Unfortunately, just like the enemy, that was a lie too. She may have tasted good for a little while but eventually that good turned rotten in her mouth as she swallowed it whole.

After years of running, she finally surrendered her will and released that her life was hanging in the balance. After her final seventh hospitalized overdose, she surrendered. She was sick and tired of being sick and tired. She came to Beauty For Ashes ~
A Healing Place and surrendered her life to Christ.

Her life would turn from
destruction to destiny.

Now a year clean, Talisha is a new creature in Christ. She stands on her past and uses it as a platform for what God can do. She is passionate about allowing God to use her testimony to extend a hand of restoration to others that need to know the HOPE that only comes from a true relationship with Christ.

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