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Community Connection


at our core, we are hope-dealers // we seek to promote a culture of hope in JESUS CHRIST! // we believe there is hope in God and in His word // we’ve found three ways to provide hope… connect because YOU BELONG HERE!// the gospel is good news of God’s hopeto reconcile & restore us to…
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An Interview with Nancy Hallmark

June 18th of this year, I celebrated five years of recovery. My fifth “birthday,” as those in recovery circles would call it. I feel happy, joyous, and free. Free from the bondage of alcohol, drugs, guilt, and shame. My marriage has been restored. My family can trust me. God has blessed my family immensely through our own obedience. We pray daily as a family. There is nothing sweeter than hearing my ten-year-old daughter praying her sweet prayers, saying how much she loves her family and Jesus. God’s blessings have expanded beyond…

Finding Forgiveness

Mary Karr’s uncle had taken all he could take! The tall Texan grabbed his chain saw and began to split his own house into two halves. He was sick and tired of living with such an unforgiving woman with whom he had not spoken in months. He had had enough. He divided his house and…
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