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New Series – Fall 2022

Most people in our world like the idea of being in love and getting married to someone special—someone to spend time with, share their deepest-darkest secrets with, and start a family with. Even those who have never been in love, tend to desire love and marriage, because in our culture, intimate relationships are in everything…
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National Day of Prayer

The 2022 livestream broadcast will run from 7:00-8:30 p.m. CT on May 5th. After the broadcast ends, it will still be accessible to rewatch from the same link. CLICK HERE to link directly to the broadcast.

Four Ways to Celebrate the Life of Jesus

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ changed the world forever and launched Christianity as the world’s most widely practiced religion. Whether you’re already active in your faith or just considering what it might mean for you, here are four ways to celebrate the life of Jesus that are appropriate for people at every stage…
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My Story of Hope & Redemption

In 2018, over 1300 people died from a drug overdose. Of those, 14 occurred in Robertson County; 337 nonfatal overdoses occurred in the county that year as well. I work in the field of addiction treatment, and these numbers still startle me. Fourteen seems like a small number, but the ripple effect of those fourteen…
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Touch first, then truth. Presence now, prayers later.

Years ago, while traveling down a remote, country road, I came across an upturned car. Peering inside, I saw a terrified sixteen year old girl, in shock and bleeding. “I can’t feel my legs. Please help me,” she pleaded. Her lower body was pinned under the steering wheel. “I’m going to pray for you right now,” I said…
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Worship with Us — THIS Sunday at 10:55 – Facebook or at GET STARTED >> What was the big parade in your hometown? Have you ever participated in one? How do you make your grand entry at home: __ with a silent grunt   __ a big splash   __ a hug & kiss   __ yelling “What’s up!” DIG >> Read Mark…
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What are you thankful for?

Here’s a list that our kids at church came up with… What would you add to the list?? Apples, Asher, America Butterflies, Bread, Bats, Butter, Bacon, Biscuits, Bible, Brown, Ben, Being Born, Babies Cookies, Chips, Cats, Children, Clothes, Church, Car, Candy, Chickens Dogs, Desserts, Dad, Ducks, Deers Eggs, Earth, Everything, Eternity French Fries, Family, Friends,…
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