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Miracles DO Happen!

Last week, I was scrolling through my social media and got an alert. My friend, Jodi, shared the sacred memory of her son’s passing from just a couple of years ago. She had tagged me in the post because I was privileged to participate in Brian’s funeral and burial services. Brian was 19. He was…
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Finish the Race

From Meth-head to Minister My name is Stephen Palk. I’ve been convicted of manufacturing methamphetamine in two states. In 2007 I received a 16-year prison sentence. At that point, I thought my life was over. When I got back to my jail cell that day after receiving the sentence, I tied a rope to the…
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Should Christians Fight the Culture War?

Are Christians commanded to change the culture in which they reside? Are we as believers called to engage in a “culture war”? Are our spiritual energies best used when we battle pornography, homosexual marriage, abortion, prostitution, drug abuse…? To help answer these questions, let’s examine the Last Command our Lord gave us and then one…
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The Mentoring Mandate

They both walked slowly into my office. It was readily obvious that she was at wit’s end but he looked much worse. Sure, Mom looked frazzled, frantic, flabbergasted and frankly, fed up but he looked much, much worse. His hair was unkempt, his clothes were disheveled and shoes untied. But it was not the young…
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How Do I Get Up
from Rock Bottom?

Can you relate? Your life has a rocky marriage? You don’t like your job? You don’t have a job? Your relationships are strained at best, or completely over? Your kids don’t come around, or maybe you’re at a place where you don’t even want them to. Either way it goes, the life you are living…
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An Interview with Nancy Hallmark

June 18th of this year, I celebrated five years of recovery. My fifth “birthday,” as those in recovery circles would call it. I feel happy, joyous, and free. Free from the bondage of alcohol, drugs, guilt, and shame. My marriage has been restored. My family can trust me. God has blessed my family immensely through our own obedience. We pray daily as a family. There is nothing sweeter than hearing my ten-year-old daughter praying her sweet prayers, saying how much she loves her family and Jesus. God’s blessings have expanded beyond…