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Day 10


When Jesus reached the spot, he looked up and said to him, “Zacchaeus, come down immediately. I must stay at your house today.”

LUKE 19:5

In our large world it’s easy to feel we’re nothing more than an insignificant speck in the midst of a multitude. We may wonder whether God notices us or whether we can really know Him. Our world tends to depersonalize us, seeking to make us like everyone else, but God loves us in specific ways that are particular to us.

Jesus was on His way to Jerusalem to fulfill His assignment on the cross. The multitudes thronged around Him in such numbers that the diminutive Zacchaeus couldn’t see Him unless he climbed a tree. Zacchaeus would have been satisfied simply to catch a glimpse of the great Teacher. But Jesus stopped, turned, and looked directly at him. In that moment Zacchaeus was oblivious to the crowd around him. Thus began a special time with Jesus that radically changed his life (see Luke 19:1-10).

Jesus relates to you in ways that are unique to you. He knows your past; He knows what you’ll face in the future. Because He knows everything about you, His word to you will perfectly fit the circumstances of your life. He knows you, and He wants you to know Him.

Therefore, you don’t have to wonder what Jesus wants. If you’re walking with the Lord daily, you won’t have to find God’s will; you’ll already be in it. If you’re walking with Him in obedience day by day, you’ll always be in His will. The Holy Spirit’s role is to guide you step by step to do God’s will. Walking closely with God each day guarantees that you’ll be exactly where He wants you to be. You’d have to reject all of the Holy Spirit’s activity in your life to get out of the will of God.

The disciples never had to ask Jesus where they should go next. They simply looked to see where Jesus was going and stayed close to Him. Jesus was their Way (see John 14:6). They didn’t need a map as long as they had Jesus. Too often we’d prefer a road map of our future rather than a relationship with the Way. It often seems easier to follow a plan than to cultivate a relationship.

We can become more concerned with our future than we are with walking intimately with God today. But Jesus will never give you a substitute for Himself. He’s the only Way to the Father. That’s why it’s critical that you clearly know when God is speaking to you (see Isa. 30:21). If you’re disoriented to how God speaks, you won’t understand when He’s giving you a new revelation about what He’s doing. If you want to know God’s will, take time to cultivate your relationship with Jesus and learn to identify His voice. He’s more than willing to show you the way.

What fear do you have that only Jesus could know?

Why is it important to know that God is all-knowing and all-powerful? Why is it equally important to know that He cares for you personally?

Honestly, which do you desire more: to know what your future holds or to trust God more fully? How is knowing the Way (Jesus) better than having a road map for your life?

What was the most meaningful statement or Scripture you read today?

Reword the statement or Scripture into a prayer of response to God.

What does God want you to do in response to today’s study? [Henry T. Blackaby, Richard Blackaby (2014). Seven Realities for Experiencing God – Member Book. LifeWay Press. Retrieved from]

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