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Four Ways to Celebrate the Life of Jesus

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ changed the world forever and launched Christianity as the world’s most widely practiced religion. Whether you’re already active in your faith or just considering what it might mean for you, here are four ways to celebrate the life of Jesus that are appropriate for people at every stage of their journey with God.

Worship Him in Church
When it comes to celebrating Jesus’s life, few experiences can compare with a worship service at your local church. Gathering weekly in an intimate setting allows Christians across all cultures and denominations an opportunity to come together in one place and hear their pastor reflect on how they can apply Christ’s message of love, hope, and faithfulness in their daily lives.

You’re invited, of course, to celebrate with us on Easter Sunday at 11:00am! We’re calling it “Easter Together” this year, because so many of us are separated by masks, sickness, and distance. We will also be having a time of remembrance for Christ’s crucifixion on Good Friday at 6:00pm CST. Find out more at

Enjoy Time with Family
Love is an important ingredient in celebrating any life. And there’s no doubt that love is central to celebrating Easter. Even if you don’t consider yourself particularly religious, you can still enjoy time with family and loved ones during Easter weekend. There are a number of activities families can do together without a lot of preparation or money. This life is absolutely full of God’s common graces for us to enjoy…

Do you feel like you just aren’t in the “Easter spirit?”

Well, we have something that can get you there.  It’s called “21 Days of Hope,” and it’s a way for you to both grow spiritually and fill others with the hope that Jesus gives! If you’re ready to go on a God-sized adventure, text Your Name to 615-502-0808.

Trust Him with Your Eternity
The resurrection wasn’t just a cool parlor trick—it was God showing his love for us by giving his life so tThe resurrection wasn’t just a cool parlor trick—it was God showing his love for us by giving his life so that we could live forever. Today, take time to celebrate God’s love and thank him for dying on a cross and rising from death. Remember how he died in your place, took all your sins upon himself, and rose again so that you can have eternal life with him.

If you have never trusted Jesus as your personal Savior, we invite you to do that today! There’s no better day to accept what He did for you than the day that He did it.

Show Your Love to Others
Sometimes, we all feel a little disconnected from others. It can be easy to focus on ourselves and our struggles, and forget that others have their own challenges as well. When we don’t treat people with kindness and love—when we act like jerks—we separate ourselves from God’s gift of life in all its fullness. (John 10:10). We experience His love for us through our relationships with each other. And by showing your love to others, you show your gratitude for his unconditional love. What better way than to invite them over for a meal (or bingo!) or to bring them with you to experience “Easter Together” at Flewellyn?! Join us this year…

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