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Sharing the Vision

On Sunday, August 25, Pastor Patrick shared the vision of our leadership team to start a Hope Center here in our community. Watch this video to learn more about the details of what this means for our church & our community!

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Hope Centers really work!

Because Hope Centers focus on the spiritual roots of addiction, they have a better success rate
than their secular counterparts… much better!

Avg. Success Rate of
Secular Recovery

Success Rate of
Hope Center

People who have
been impacted
by this need

From our Pastor:

The purpose of this page is to ask you to PRAY! Please join us in praying for God’s guidance as we seek to partner with Hope Center Ministries. I want to reassure you that I am NOT begging you to give or trying to pressure anyone for a single dollar! I truly believe that God is doing this & we get to tag along for the ride! All I’m asking is for you to:



Ask God… to show you if this is his plan for Flewellyn and if now is the right time.



Seek God’s will… if you and your family will come into agreement with our leadership team and become part of bringing the dream to life.



To knock is to take action… it is our faith in action. Prayerfully consider how you can partner with us as we go forward together.

A *Miraculous* Opportunity

We strongly believe that the Lord is leading us to start a Hope Center, here in Robertson County, between Springfield and Pleasant View! This Sunday, September 1, we will vote… but not by ballot or a raise of hands. We will vote in a special offering. This offering is called “Give Hope” because that’s what Hope Centers do for so many men and women – and that’s what we want to do here in Robertson County. 


Given & Pledged

still NEEDED

GIVE HOPE!  Make a pledge today >>

What is a Hope Center?

The purpose of Hope Center Ministries is to provide men and women with the opportunity to overcome their drug and alcohol addiction through their faith.
Our Program is designed to show these individuals how to find peace and lasting freedom from their addictions through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.