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New Series – Fall 2022

Most people in our world like the idea of being in love and getting married to someone special—someone to spend time with, share their deepest-darkest secrets with, and start a family with. Even those who have never been in love, tend to desire love and marriage, because in our culture, intimate relationships are in everything we see. They’re in our movies, television shows, songs, and even romance novels. However, marriage is something that has been around since the beginning of time and has been at the center of the family unit. When God brought Adam and Eve together in the garden of Eden, he not only established his will for a display of love in his creation, but the outworkings of covenantal relationship as well. Marriage is a commitment between a man and a woman who are fulfilling God’s will for reproduction, partnering in stewardship over the earth, and living out a spiritual purpose that goes beyond this life. Marriage is much more than the romantic feelings of love we share with someone else—although these feelings are important. However, our feelings for our significant other can change, due to the ups and downs of life; and so the thing that keeps us together is the choice to remain committed.

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