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Beauty for Ashes

The truth is that addiction in our state and surrounding communities continues to rise. Jails are becoming more populated with drug and alcohol offenders. The Department of Social Services is seeing more children come into custody and the death toll from overdose increases daily. The epidemic is at monumental levels. Providing a place of rescue…
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An Interview with Nancy Hallmark

June 18th of this year, I celebrated five years of recovery. My fifth “birthday,” as those in recovery circles would call it. I feel happy, joyous, and free. Free from the bondage of alcohol, drugs, guilt, and shame. My marriage has been restored. My family can trust me. God has blessed my family immensely through our own obedience. We pray daily as a family. There is nothing sweeter than hearing my ten-year-old daughter praying her sweet prayers, saying how much she loves her family and Jesus. God’s blessings have expanded beyond…